Our team has unmatched commercial experience in producing jaw dropping stereoscopic 3D media. We have probably produced stereoscopic media for every traditional and digital platform available.

Stereoscopic Film

Stereoscopic Photography

Stereoscopic VFX

Stereoscopic Compositing

Stereoscopic Post

Stereoscopic Conversion

Stereoscopic Interactive

Stereoscopic Websites

Our stereoscopic media is used across a broad spectrum of Industries. We have clients that operate within Entertainment, Advertising, Events, Defence, Public Sector and Education.


No we havnt been watching too many Sci-Fi Films! We have been working with VR headsets, holographic displays and holographic projection systems almost as long as we have stereoscopic. We have excellent relationships with specialist hardware providers and research labs and have been a key partner in developing affordable systems. We also have also been developing our own prototype systems so please get in touch if you want to know more.

Holographic Multimedia

Holographic Interactives

Holographic Displays

Holographic Projectors

Holographic DOOH

Holographic Research


As well as novel displays, we work with all the latest 3D tracking and sensing technology to create stunning natural interaction experiential solutions. When we combine this with stereoscopic and holographic technology the results are simply breathtaking. We have a fantastic library of code that allows us to easily add natural interaction to our projects.

Interactive Stereoscopy

Interactive Holography

Interactive Virtual Reality

Head Tracking

Eye Tracking

Arm Tracking

Skeleton Tracking

Depth Sensing



Our teams proven experience with cutting edge display technology and content production is unmatched. We can provide expert, impartial advice about stereoscopic and holographic content production, technology and systems. We are Skillset listed training providers and have a range of courses tailored to each type of medium. We contribute to leading international conferences and regularly are invited to research labs across the world to assess and help develop new content production pipelines and display systems.

Stereoscopic Production/Post Hardware

Holographic Display Hardware

Stereoscopic Training Provider

Holographic Training Provider

Stereoscopic Consultancy

Holographic Consultancy

Natural Interaction Consultancy

Research Partner

So now you know a little bit about what we do! If you would like to find out more about the services we offer please dont hesitate to get in touch!